Yeast extracts Beta-glucans

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    Xelist™ CMG90 – sodium carboxymethyl beta-glucan

    Xelist™ CMG90 – Sodium Carboxymethyl Yeast beta-glucan is produced from cell walls of unmodified genetically bakers’ yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) cultivated on molasses. CMG is known as immunostimulant and antioxidant.
    The benefits: 1. Anti-cancer, anti-radiation, improves the body’s immune system, increases resistance to diseases. 2. Improves the effectiveness of vaccines and antibiotics. 3. Enhance the detoxification function of liver. 4. Antioxidant, scavenging free radicals. 5. Reduces cholesterol and formation of fatty liver. 6. Typically used as an oral preparation, but can also be used in injection. 7. In cosmetics: supports collagen protein synthesis, accelerates wound healing, improves skin elasticity and supports skin regeneration, reduces skin roughness, removes skin spots. Protects skin from UVA ultraviolet radiation. 8. Stimulates skin cell activity, enhances skin’s own immune protection and efficiently repairs skin, reduces skin wrinkles, and delays skin aging.

    Cosmetics, healthcare products, pharmaceutical products.

  • Xelist™ G80 – yeast beta-glucan

    Xelist™ G80 – Yeast beta-glucan is produced with unmodified genetically bakers’ yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) cultivated on molasses. It is a polysaccharide of D-glucose monomers linked by beta-glycosidic bonds. It is known as “Biological Response Modifier”. It can be used not only as a raw material of food supplements but also as Novel Food ingredient, added to traditional food products.

    Cereal bars, biscuits, dairy products, cereals, beverages, soups, chocolate, confectionery, protein bars and powders, supplement as capsule or candy, etc.