Producer and B2B supplier of food ingredients.

We operate as a professional producer and supplier of food ingredients and additives in the European Union.
We mostly supply such products as starches, fibres, isolates and concentrates of: soy, pea and rice. Our offer also includes antioxidants such as plant extracts and vinegar powders as well as many other products.
We believe that “we are what we eat”, which is why we are constantly working on ensuring the highest quality of our products.


We are aware that the production of foodstuffs is one of the most crucial sectors of the economy. On the other hand, food constitutes a category of products most frequently chosen by consumers around the world. It results from the natural life needs of every one of us. Exeller makes sure that the companies engaged in production of food could provide their customers with nothing but tasty and healthy products. One of the ways to do this is using the properly selected, non-GMO raw materials in the production process.

The best food additives at great prices

It is natural that all ingredients added to products consumed by people must meet strict requirements. One of our priorities is to ensure that this happens. That is why in starches, fibers, isolates or concentrates, recommended by our company, contain selected components. We pay particular attention to their natural origin, thus increasing our credibility in the eyes of our customers. Our food additives are based on natural, non-GMO raw materials.

Performance-boosting solutions

The mass scale of food production poses very specific requirements. Exeller supports producers by giving them a wide range of ingredients of various character and purpose. They enrich finished products with taste, nutritional and visual values or extend their shelf-life. Our food ingredients are of natural origin. For their production raw materials such as milk, various species of plants, fruit and herbs are used. We encourage you to contact us.