About Us

Exeller® N.V. company was established in 2003 in Belgium by experienced managers, working for more than 30 years in the food market. From the very beginning of its operations specialize in wholesale of food additives, food ingredients and other raw materials for production in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. On 01 January 2012, the company opened a branch in Poland establishing Exeller® Poland Sp. z o.o.
Exeller® owns the brands:

  • Exelsoy® soy proteins
  • Exelfibre® soy fibre
  • Peapro™ pea proteins, starches and fibres
  • Cicerpro™ chickpea proteins
  • Ripro™ rice proteins
  • Xelist™ yeast extracts

These and other products offered by our company have already established position on the European market.

We have a wholesale warehouse in Ołtarzew, of which we serve our clients by providing constant access to our products and deliveries in 24 and 48 hours on Polish territory and neighbouring countries.
Our production facilities operate on the basis of Quality Assurance Systems – HACCP, GMP and GDP. The products are regularly inspected by accredited laboratories and national health inspectorates (admission, certified non-GMO). Our products are certified KOSHER and HALAL.
To ensure the safety of our customers we have liability insurance for damages incurred by the manufacturer of the final product as a result of defective products delivered by the Insured.
We constantly develop and introduce to our portfolio new, selected products, so as to fulfil our mission and provide the highest added value for the optimal price.