Dear Sirs,

It is our great pleasure to inform you that we are launching a new line of yeast extracts that until now were not present on European market. We believe these natural taste and flavour enhancers have big potential. They fit to the modern industry efforts to produce food with only natural ingredients and… “clean labels”. The concept is not new of course but we are convinced we found a good combination of quality and price, which we have confirmed in number of tests on the University and in industrial model tests. Of course the core of this applications are customised product and for large volumes we will be doing so.

For standard applications we will keep on stock the following yeast extracts:

  • Xelist™ 900G Granule with max. 2% NaCl We propose another approach to its use. Buying the most popular extracts on the market with approx. 40% salt in fact you buy 40% salt in extract price! That is why we propose a use pure extract and add the salt at your local market price.
  • Xelist™ PS04 Umami with max. 50% NaCl This product has been designed specially for most demanding applications. Through a Maillard reaction got a smooth taste with removed off-flavour of yeast. It is salt tolerant and acid proof. The 2% solution can endure environment of 15% salt and pH 4.5 without sedimentation and getting cloudy. It is specially recommended for bouillons, soups and sauces. It is the best Umami taste contributor in the formula.
  • Xelist™ FIG105 Kokumi with max. 15% NaCl It is probably the strongest flavouring yeast extract existing on the market. Often used as MSG substitution under “clean label” policy.

On top of mentioned above yeast extracts we offer yeast ß-glucans that can be customised as well. For standard applications we will keep on stock the following yeast ß-glucans:

  • Xelist™ G70 with min. 70% of ß-glucans (HPLC)
  • Xelist™ G80 with min. 80% of ß-glucans (HPLC)
  • Xelist™ CMG100 carboxymethyl ß-glucan – top pharmaceutical grade product.

I am looking forward to cooperating with you.

Tomasz Czarkowski
Managing Director
Exeller® N.V. i Exeller® Polska Sp. o.o.