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  • Xelist™ FIG105 – yeast extract Kokumi

    Xelist™ FIG105 is a yeast extract Kokumi that is produced with unmodified genetically bakers’ yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) cultivated on molasses and rich in nucleic acids. Yeasts are processed using modern autolysis, hydrolysis, separation and concentration. Produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of the protein chain cutting the peptides as short as possible. Thus obtained natural nucleotides and glutamic acid. Xelist™ FIG105 (Kokumi) is a flavoring stronger than other yeast extracts on the market. It relieves salty and sour taste and helps reduce the level of salt in the finished product. Can replace MSG, which helps to achieve the effect of “clean label”. Used as a common flavoring in many sectors of the food industry.

    Meat products, sauces, bouillons, soups, ready meals or savory snacks, etc.