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  • Cellula™ 90/160 – pea fibre

    Cellula™ 90/160 is pea fibre made of selected, non-GMO peas (Pisum Sativum). Natural cellulose insoluble fibres are cleaned of bacteria, micronized and sieved to obtain a product that has a neutral taste and regular functionality. It provides functionalities such as: water and fat retention, swelling effect or nutritional fibre supply.

    Sausages, meatballs, hamburgers, nuggets, breads, buns, biscuits, aromas, low-calorie diet products, etc.

  • Exelfibre® – soy fibre

    Exelfibre® is natural product that has high content of dietary fibre. It is made from soybean cotyledon therefore it is odour and flavour free. It has 20% functional protein content. It boasts high water absorption capacity of 8-10 times. It lends desirable properties such as moisture retention and cooking loss reduction to all meat product formulations.

    Suitable for use in the processed and reformed meat industry and as a thickening agent in the food industry.

  • Peapro™ Fibre – pea fibre of cotyledon

    Pea fibre of cotyledon Peapro™ Fibre is produced from Non-GMO Canadian peas. Especially suitable for cereal snack foods, baked foods, meat products, health drinks and healthcare products.

    Cereal snack foods, baked foods, meat products, health drinks and healthcare products.

  • Peapro™ Starch – pea starch

    Peapro™ Starch is non-GMO pea starch from Canadian peas. It is natural and gluten-free food ingredient. Peapro™ starch is highly valuable starch with clean label benefits. Can be used in wide range of food applications.

    Meat, poultry, fish, vegetarian, bakery, pastry, ready meals, canned food, soups, sauces, etc.